Wall Art

Seattle-Art take part in Canton Fair twice a year.

Welcome to visit us on our booth, you can contact us and make appointment, our sales will update you with our booth nr. information.
The general information are as bellow :
Location :  Pazhou Hall, Section B
Booths No.:      11.3 I 35-36  J 11-12  (4 booths)
Floor & Hall :     Third floor of Hall #11, Channel I & J, just located on main passageway.
Hall Name:        DECORATION
Exhibit. Date:    APR 23-27, for Spring fair (Phrase2)

OCT 23-27, for Autumn fair (Phrase 2)
Contact Sales:  Ms.Angel Huang +86-18030267005
Ms.Amy Xie  +86-13959284427
Ms.Sophie Chen +86-15260614135

Our Main Products Exhibited (Wall Art & Home Decoration):
a) Oil Painting
b) Paper Collage Art
c) Shadow Box
d) Aluminum Art

We always will have many newly developed Arts on the show, let's meet each other and exchange idea, we look forward to your coming.

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